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The Eagle Has Landed 7/2/23

For fans of Circa Survive, The Ocean, TesseracT and Agent Fresco, and the result of six years of passionate hard work bringing together many artists from different backgrounds, Swiss Progressive Post-Metal collective, NevBorn, present its most ambitious artistic project to date, a trilogy of records called 'Alkaios', of which Part I, 'The Eagle', will be released next month via Vitruve Records, including the first chapter's long and colourful first track, 'Nemea', which is today's Video Of The Day. Indeed, well inspired by many different sources, their songs stand out due to their narrative side in the manner of a movie soundtrack. Released on double vinyl over a period of four years, all three albums and twelve musical pieces of about fifteen minutes each, will also be accompanied by exclusive illustrations completing the artistic approach of the project.


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