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The Dowling Poole Push Repeat 2/3/23

Last October, British eclecto Pop masters The Dowling Poole, comprising the singer-songwriting duo of Willie Dowling and Jon Poole, released their latest album, 'Refuse', consisting of a couple of brand new unreleased tracks plus nine previously released ‘digital only’ tracks, that had been carefully remixed and remastered, of which they have recently released today's Video Of The Day for their song, 'Push Repeat'. Willie added, "We took a bit of a punt on the video. A chap I’d not met before called Sam Riddlestone contacted us from Australia, and he sent me a thirty-second taster of video ideas that he'd done for the track. We were really impressed with the originality of his style and he’d entirely got the concept and story of the song, so we agreed to push ahead, and this is what he came back to us with, which we’re really happy with.”


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