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The Devil You Know 28/1/19

Hot on the heels of the success of their last album, ‘The Missing Peace’, L.A. Guns (Track Of The Day) is ready to attack again with a brand new record, ‘The Devil You Know’, out on Friday 29th March. Sonically, the album covers a lot of ground and incorporates influences from Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to Kyuss to The Hellacopters, while still managing to sound distinctly like L.A. Guns. The band is rejuvenated and inspired after relentless touring and are taking no prisoners. L.A. Guns are truly one of the great American Hard Rock bands of the last three decades. From their self-titled debut in 1988, right through to their widely praised 2017 comeback album, they have always delivered solid Rock ‘n' Roll to their fans. The current incarnation of the band has been touring non-stop and the cohesiveness of the unit, not to mention Phil Lewis’ stunning and unique vocals and Tracii Guns’ mind-bending guitar playing, are on full display on the new album. Definitely a must hear for all fans of the band, both old and new!

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