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The Beast Inside 6/10/19

With ‘The Beast Inside’, released last Friday, and today's Track of The Day, Dawn Of Destiny finally return with an album which must be considered the highlight of their career so far. The band have always been too diverse to fully be represented by the moniker ‘Power Metal’, even though their sound is rooted in this genre. The mixture of Melodic Metal, musical-inspired passages and at times darker approach, not to forget Jeanette Scherff’s great vocal delivery, make Dawn Of Destiny a quite unique entity in today’s music landscape. Jens Faber, band leader, songwriter, guitarist and bass player, has a special gift of writing songs which are exciting and surprising, with creativity far from the beaten path. Consisting also of Dirk Raczkiewicz - keyboards and Philipp Bock - drums, this is what also makes their seventh album such an adventure. It’s a rollercoaster ride, from catchy tracks like ‘Already Dead’ or the infectious ‘Fight Your Inner Demons’, ending with the beautiful piano ballad ‘Longing’.


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