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The Ballad Of Jonny Ong 7/5/21

Last month, Jonny Ong returned with his out-of-this-world sound to bring the first full length since his debut, 'Isolation', a lavishly produced record detailing the multifaceted ways in which a breakup can change your life, of which his latest release, 'The Ballad of J and J’, is today's Video Of The Day. Indeed, it's a clear reference to Ong’s love of the Beatles, painstakingly and carefully setting out the story blocks in an autobiographical flowchart of a relationship which went bad. Written in seclusion, there is always an air of mystery to Ong’s work in this album, something secretive that it seems we are privy to in his private rooms as - it feels - we watch him paint pictures for us in song form. Also, boasting tracks such as the exquisite ‘Fools’, as well as sumptuous collaborations with fellow Singaporean singer-songwriter, Inch - ‘Taking Silence’ and ‘Wishful Thinking’ - this album delivers delight for the senses.

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