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The Awakening Chasm 10/1/19

US-based Gothic Rock band The Awakening released their 9th album 'Chasm' in November last year after an extended break since the release of 'Anthology XV' in 2013. As always the album features the voice, songwriting, musicianship, and production of Ashton Nyte, the man behind The Awakening since its debut album, 'Risen' in 1997. Joined by longtime drummer Sevven, 'Chasm' has been something of a labour of love for Ashton, as nine years and various solo albums and collaborations have passed since the release of The Awakening’s last full-length album, 'Tales Of Absolution + Obsoletion' in 2009. 'Chasm' features ten new songs, from atmospheric 12-string acoustic guitar ballads like 'Gave Up The Ghost' and 'Shadows In The Dark' to the pulsating dark Rock of 'Back To Wonderland' (today's Track Of The Day).

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