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TGBR&BF Kicks Off Today! 24/8/18

The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival starts today over the next three days in Colne, Lancashire. This is the events’​ 29th year,​ and the second year in which Colne Town Council have organised and managed the event. The festival takes place in numerous town centre venues (from 750 to 50 capacity), Colne & Nelson Rugby Club (which also doubles-up as the festival campsite), plus many more restaurants and bars. This beautiful town is an ideal location for an event of this kind, with one long ‘main’ street (closed to traffic) which hosts on-street entertainment, busking, incredible food stalls, bars and more. Each music venue is within easy reach of the main street, making this a one-of- a-kind and much-loved festival for people of the local area. One of the 130 acts taking part are Big Wolf Band (today's Video Of The Day) who are not only performing twice on Saturday but are also playing the Congleton Jazz & Blues Festival on Sunday!

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