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Teramazing 22/6/19

With 'Are We Soldiers' released yesterday, Dean Wells and Teramaze have not only delivered another excellent piece of modern Progressive Metal, but have also unveiled the official video for the track 'From Saviour To Assassin' (today's Video Of The Day). 'Her Halo', their 2015 album, and the Aussies first for Mascot Records, saw the band take a big step up from previous albums ‘Anhedonia’ (2012) and ‘Esoteric Symbolism’ (2014), and four years later 'AWS' will inevitably build upon the progress achieved by ‘Her Halo’. It’s typical Teramaze – all huge choruses, crashing guitar chords, intricate time changes and swooping melodies – but it’s also a bigger, brighter and even better Teramaze. There’s also change beyond the music, with original vocalist Brett Rerekura returning to the fold, replacing Nathan Peachey, who’d sung on 'Her Halo'. And with plans afoot for European and UK live dates for later in the year, Teramaze are a band that are going to be occupying a lot of your time in 2019 and beyond.

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