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Tequila Mockingbyrd Interview 6/6/21

"As for Aussie Rockers Tequila Mockingbyrd - their storming set was taken, other than newbie 'Tell Me', from their recently released worldwide debut album 'Fight and Flight' - which was actually released down under a year ago. 'Money Tree', 'Never Go Home', 'This Ain't Dead', 'Good Time' and 'So Not Me' easily demonstrated why the band have received such great reviews from both Planet Rock and Classic Rock." That was part our Tequila Mockingbyrd Stone Free Festival review from back in June 2017, and afterwards we also managed to interview singer/guitarist Louisa Baker, bassist Jacinta Jaye and drummer Josie O'Toole who was understandably the spokesperson for TM - as she dropped the Estelle/Jess bombshell during our chat, which is also today's Podcast Of The Day!


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