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Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden 22/5/19

German Hardcore/Metal band Tausend Lowen Unter Feinden release their new album on Friday 14th June. 'Zwischenwelt' is a concept album about the impermanence of transience. The protagonist feels trapped in the present as in an intermediate world. He is confronted with the ills of society, the arrogance of humanity and a progressive change that goes beyond the limits of the comprehensible for the individual. He struggles to position his person in the immediate and extended living space. In his search for the original meaning of human existence, he filters the values that are essential to him. Finally, the acceptance of transience and non-existent power over life leads him to a consciousness level of mindfulness. 'Zwischenwelt' is the consistent, musical development of TLUF and is characterized by a distinctive sound. Gloomy, socially critical, demanding as well as hopeful and optimistic at the same time.


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