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Tate's Mindcrime 2/12/18

Having received some of his best reviews in years in early 2018 when he played a run of UK dates with a set that included the entire ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ album in its 30th Anniversary year, Geoff Tate returned last night to London's The Underworld in Camden as part of another UK tour in respect of this landmark album. Having sold more than 25 million records at the helm of Queensrÿche, the band Tate fronted for three decades from their inception through to 2012, saw a thirteen album tenure that was marked by exploration, intrigue, bold risks and gratifying results. Their Grammy nominated 1988 album, a Rock opera about a recovering drug addict, thrust Tate's unique social consciousness, style and expertly crafted lyrics into the national spotlight, putting the Seattle act act firmly on the map with one of the most inspired Rock albums of its era while also defining Progressive Metal in the process. With great support from Hellion Stone and Mark Daly and a review and photo gallery to come - check out today's Video Of The Day.

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