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Tales From Six Feet Under 4/9/21

Former Delain singer and songwriter Charlotte Wessels will release her first solo endeavour, 'Tales From Six Feet Under', on Friday 17th September, via Napalm Records, of which the opening track, 'Superhuman', is today's Video Of The Day. Unable to perform live due to the pandemic, Wessels spent most of last year buried in her Six Feet Under home studio, writing, performing and producing an eclectic wealth of songs. Indeed, Charlotte has been releasing a song every month since the global pandemic started, and this record is a Best-Of collection with gems ranging from melancholic Alt Pop to Synth-infused Rock. All instruments and vocals on these ten intimate and honest songs were performed or programmed by Charlotte herself - except for the exciting collaboration with Alissa White-Gluz on the haunting track 'Lizzie' - showcasing the multifaceted nature of Wessels, including her exceptional ability to express the most sincere feelings and emotions within her art.

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