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Tables Turned 3/3/21

On today's latest Zach Moonshine Show Podcast Of The Day, the tables are turned as Jeremy Amack from The Band Repent interviews Zach himself to discuss all things Metal Devastation etc., plus Zach plays new releases from Trouble, Retched, Feminazgul, ZaRRaZa, The Band Repent, The Beautiful Losers, Brutal Death Fuck, The Crown, Christoffear, Endeavour, Faith Head, Luciferianometh, Carnal Savagery, Malamorte, Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius, Fireproven, Ionophore, Lowen, Requiem For Oblivion, Neptune Rain, Morbid Death, Split, Prison City Brigade, Suffering Hour, Herzel, Relentless Aggression, Parakosm, Intonate, Iotunn,Michael Fulkerson, and there's also some classics from Twisted Sister and Marilyn Manson!

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