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Superfecta Breathe In 20/9/20

Grunge rockers Superfecta released their first new track in two years via their music platform Aurovine last Friday, and today's Video Of The Day, 'Breathe In', was written by lead singer Rob Negrini, and is the first part of a trilogy of recordings for the London band. New bassist Joe Head is introduced for the first time, as 'Breathe In' marks a turn in direction to a more aggressive, darker sound, that sees no holding back with the opening riff, and an edgy and potent threat of distorted guitar. Each passage builds in tempo and intensity with similarities to Alice In Chains during their 'Dirt' era. Matt Vella pounds the drums throughout each chord struck like an army general, as Negrini croons over solid basslines, delivering vocals full of emotion and sincerity. Head brings a new dynamic to their sound, as evidence in the intro, and later on in the instrumental break. The song writing is more polished, as Head’s vibrant bass work allows Danun Todd freedom to fire up a tantalising solo that evokes images of Tony Iommi in his heyday! Superfecta are back hungrier, darker, and with an appetite for more heavier music.


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