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Sunday Rocks! 30/1/22

For fans of Evergrey, Kamelot and Conception, Melodic Heavy Metal band, The Silent Wedding, release their latest album, 'Ego Path', on Friday 11th February, and the Greek outfit consisting of Marios Karanastasis (vocals), Jim Katsaros (guitars and samples), Giannis Thermos (keyboards and backing vocals), Giorgos Kritharis (bass) and Renos Lialioutis (drums and percussion), have just released their second single from the album, 'Caught in the Web', which smacks of Prog and Power experimentation, intensity and loud guitars, melodic lines, lyricism and flow, and is also one of today's six of the best 'Sunday Rocks!' Tracks Of The Day, complemented by five further new and recent releases from Krilloan, Dirty Laces, Cat Dowling, Cult Of Luna and Turbo.


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