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Sugarman Sam Live Stream Tonight 11/4/20

Tonight heralds the very first online live gig here at 8.30pm at the Basingstoke Blues Club (BBC3) with Basingstoke’s finest Sugarman Sam. Formed in November 2013, Sugarman Sam and the Voodoo Men combine classic elements of Blues and combine them with the raucous power of Rock. Sam is a Bluesman through-and-through; being brought up on a diet of high-profile names like B.B. King, Led Zeppelin and Gary Moore to name a few. He has succesfully plied his trade by touring across the UK, playing festivals such as HRH Blues, The Great British R&B Festival and Kent BluesRockfest and appearing in national publications ‘Blues Matters’ and ‘Blues in Britain’. He has joined a host of names riding the current wave of UK-based Blues guitar gunslingers and is rapidly rising in popularity and demand.


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