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Styx London Palladium Review 11/6/19

"Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)' provides an opportunity to bring on the original bassist Charles Panozzo, who only plays on occasional tracks (yes that’s right two leads and two bassists on stage now – told you everything they do is epic). We’re reminded of the pedigree of the bassist Ricky Phillips, who had played with The Babys, Bad English and Coverdale/Page, before they break into the upbeat 'Rockin’ the Paradise'. Then came the soaring dual lead guitars on the track 'Suite Madame Blue', whose overall effect was like witnessing one of those Rock super-groups of yore and was this reviewer’s pick of the evening and a fitting end to part one."

Read the whole of Ivan De Mello's Styx London Palladium gig review from last Tuesday here plus check out today's Video Of The Day.


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