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Strange, Strange Times 10/9/21

Hailing from the great down under but headed straight to the top, Melbourne, Australia based gritty Alternative rockers The Ugly Kings turned heads last month with their bombastic sophomore full-length, 'Strange, Strange Times', via Napalm Records, of which the second track, 'Technodrone', is today's Video Of The Day. Equal parts darkened power Blues and raw Punk with a Metallic Rock edge, the band, consisting of Christos Athanasias - guitar, Nicolas Dumont - bass, Joel Martin - drums and Russell Clark - vocals, channel the flavour of groups like Queens Of The Stone Age and The White Stripes while preserving razor sharp, daringly introspective control with clever lyricism and addictive riffage.In a scene in which gimmick-free, angsty, inspired Rock n’ Roll is becoming increasingly difficult to come by, 'Strange, Strange Times' is a breath of welcomed, yet strange, strange air.


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