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StoneWire Album Launch Gig Review 21/11/19

"By the time StoneWire made their way on to the stage, the venue was rammed, albeit, reassuringly, by a very young Rock demographic. Sticking to their album launch guns, the 5-piece proceeded to reel off 'Life As We Know It' in its ten track order. A reviewers dream. Album opener 'Monkey Talk', with its awesome 'Slither'-esque riff was well received, the stage presence and powerhouse vocals of German born, and now a Lady Of Kent, Sky, immediately a major factor, and one that would be a common denominator for the rest of their set. Hunter heralded 'One For The Road' by raising her hands and clapping in the air, before the shades wearing Annable launched into another mean riff, doing a fair impersonation of Faith No More's Jim Martin not only guitar-wise, but visually as well. "Hello everybody" enthused Sky - "we're only eight tickets short of a sell-out" as she deservedly gave those gathered a thumbs up before introducing the Southern Rockin' slide of 'FTM', their very first single from the new album."

Today read the whole of AJ's StoneWire/Dead Writers (pictured) review from Islington's Hope & Anchor in London last Thursday here plus check out our updated Photo Gallery (courtesy of Bruce Biege) here.


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