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Stonedeaf Photo Gallery 2/9/19

"If this does not win the award for the best small festival, I will eat my hat. One of the real beauties of it is that it is being run by people like you and I who have gone to festivals for years and noted the short comings, the failures, the usual moans and groans and are attempting to create a festival free of those issues. So; will 2020 be perfect? I would guess at no it won’t, but it will be an improvement on this year. The misses of 2019 will, I am sure be ironed out, but new ones will occur. Download, Glastonbury, Leeds, Reading, Bloodstock - all have issues and they are relatively huge by comparison, but I genuinely sense that the passion and drive behind Stonedeaf is they want to be the best of the best. I never spoke to anyone who had a gripe against it, that put them off attending in 2020. Everyone seemed to love it, and it looks like we will all be congregating in a field near Newark next year. See you at the bar."

That was part of Tony Burgum's Stonedeaf Festival review from the Newark Showground on Saturday 24th August, and today you can check out our Photo Gallery here courtesy of Tony and Phil C.

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