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Stonedeaf Festival Review 27/8/19

"To sum the festival up in one word, I feel awesome is as close as I can think of, it really is superb production seeing as the organisers are relatively in their festival organising infancy. The Newark Showground venue is very well located, close to the A1. The land is very flat and you can park your car on a concrete strip, which what was maybe an old airfield runway, so you will never be stuck in the mud. To top that, you are only metres away from your tent as the camping field runs alongside the disused runway, plus some of the food bars are on the same strip and the stage is around 200 metres from the campsite. It is fantastically compact, but there is more than ample space for decent sized tents without the sardines feeling. The volunteers have so much common sense, none of those little Hitlers and power mad jobsworths that you get at larger festivals, or the type of security that want to strip search you instead of just looking in your bag."

With a Photo Gallery to come, today read the whole of Tony Burgum's Stonedeaf Festival review from the Newark Showground from Saturday here.

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