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Stone Free Countdown - Jared James Nichols 9/6/18

"As expected, JJN's beast of a trio, duly delivered more hair, energy in abundance and white teeth, but more importantly, 70's Power Rock at its ultimate best. JJN mixed it up - airing amongst others the first three tracks from 'Black Magic' namely his single 'Last Chance', the Hendrix influenced riff of 'The Gun' and 'Don't Be Scared', before he teased "London don't be shy", an open invite for us all to head bang to his classic 'Baby Can You Feel It?', plus he nailed his 70's influences to the mast as he signed off a storming set with a cover of Mountain's 'Mississippi Queen'. Now this was real Rock 'n' Roll - and not only a great voice but also validation of the equation that a Les Paul = Blues Power." That was part of our Jared James Nichols gig review at Islington Assembly Hall in February this year and as part of our Stone Free Festival countdown, JJN, who is appearing at Indigo at The O2 at 12.50pm on Sunday 17th June, is today's Track Of The Day.

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