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Stone Deaf Killers 17/9/20

Last Tuesday, Colorado's Stone Deaf released their new single, and today's Video Of The Day, 'Polaroid', on Coffin And Bolt Records, taken from their upcoming album 'Killers'. Crafting a sound that encompasses Desert Rock, laced with a Stoner Rock vibe and a subtle U.S. Punk edge, Stone Deaf produce a unique fusion of sonic goodness. Formed in late 2014, the band's approach to music is a timeless fusion of melody and driving rhythms blending the Rock vibes of The Hellacopters and Queens of The Stone Age with the sludgy thickness of Kyuss along with the Punk sensibility of TSOL and Agent Orange, changing gears between chugging riffs, Punk rhythms and laid back moments of unadulterated heaviness. With more hooks than Tyson, 'Polaroid' is an auditory striptease you can’t turn away from.

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