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Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel 17/1/19

Rantanplan, the Hamburg-based Ska Punk legend from St. Pauli returns with their 10th studio album 'Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel' on Friday 25th January, delivering ten explosive songs about the sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious sides of life. Anyone with a good taste in Rock music (with intelligent lyrics as well as charming brass sections) won’t be able to ignore 'Stay Rudel - Stay Rebel', bringing you the sound from Hamburg's red light district, duly giving Rock 'n' Roll its soul back. Recorded live, there’s no place for overflowing kitsch, subsynthesizers, strings, percussions or other stuff... Instead you get guitar, bass, drums, vocals, trumpet, trombone plus some organ here and there – from Germany's number one Ska Punk band!

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