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State Of Salazar Superheroes 13/12/18

State of Salazar is back with another total and absolute AOR masterpiece - their new album 'Superhero' released last Friday! Considering that bands such as Toto, Queen, Journey, Survivor and especially Bill Conti and Vince DiCola have influenced them, State of Salazar have a lot to prove. There is no mistaking that the band delivers “feel good” music, and it is no wonder, since one of the biggest influences is “training montage” music. This is just one of many reasons why State of Salazar actually stands out from many of the other bands in the same genre. Consisting of Marcus Nygren – lead vocals and backing vocals, Kevin Hosford –keyboards and lead vocals, Johan Thuresson –guitars, Johannes Hansson –bass and Kristian Brun – drums, their songwriting, arranging and instrumental performance show that this is a band that wants to develop and contribute to the Melodic Rock genre as their Track Of The Day testifies.

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