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Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Review 11/11/18

"‘Broken Hearted Melody’ from ‘Plucking Good’ greeted us with intense and chilling bottle neck slide guitar from Webb that cut straight down deep into our souls. Played with fountains of emotional intensity, and sang with much painful yearning and vulnerability! Magnificent stuff! The stellar ‘Tell Me', from the 1969 album ‘OK Ken’, originally written by Chester Arthur Burnett (better known as Howlin' Wolf) in 1960, showcased Webb's amazing vibrato vocals to great effect. The longing in his voice was emoted to perfection, truly awe-inspiring!"

Read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's Stan Webb's Chicken Shack London Half Moon, Putney, review from the end of October here plus check out today's Track Of The Day.

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