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Squeeze Folkestone Gig Review/Photo Gallery 22/12/19

"Chris Difford, aside from providing the lyrics that really set the band apart from any of their contemporaries onwards, with the exception perhaps of Elvis Costello, provided the low harmony that underpins most of the songs and took the lead role memorably on ‘Cool for Cats’, which raised the temperature of the packed Leas Cliff Hall even further (I’ve never seen the venue so jammed with happy people). It’s not exactly the Everly Brothers but the octave harmonies between the two are part of the unique sound of the band. Song after song flashed past, 24 gems, building up to a storming version of ‘Take Me I’m Yours’, which the band has turned into a rocking tour de force of ensemble full tilt mayhem."

Today read the whole of Simon Green's take on Squeeze at The Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone last month here, plus check out our Video Of The Day and Simon's Photo Gallery here.


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