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Special 2018 WRC Awards Show Tonight 22/12/18

Tune in to the 2017 WRC Award winning Rock On The Ridge show here tonight at 8pm where Bob and Jules and some special guests will be discussing and listening to the runners and riders in this year's 2018 WRC Awards here. In the meantime, today we focus on the Best Blues Rock performance category - namely Bernie Marsden who we saw at London's 100 Club at the beginning of this year, Danny Bryant (Video Of The Day) - for his performance at Olympia's Great British Beer Festival in London in August, Big Boy Bloater And The LiMiTs (pictured) who played London's Black Heart in Camden in September, and finally, Laurence Jones (Track Of The Day) who played London's Borderline in January. So there you have it - if you want to cast your vote for one of these outstanding Blues Rock performers then simply go here!

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