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Space Rocks Today 21/9/19

Mascot Label Group recently announced the signing of Anathema (Track Of The Day), ahead of tonight, when the band will be performing a special one-off set at Space Rocks at the Indigo O2, London. Entitled The Space Between Us, the set promises to be a musical and visual extravaganza. Led by brothers’ Daniel (vocals, guitar, keys) and Vincent Cavanagh (guitar, keys, vocals) along with John Douglas (percussion), Lee Douglas (vocals) and Daniel Cardoso (drums), the Award winning Alternative Rock masters have released 11 studio albums of fearless and uncompromising beauty, and they will be heading into the studio in 2020 to work on a new album. Ever since their debut ‘Serenades’ in 1993, they’ve refused to be pigeonholed and have continuously evolved; all the way up to their most recent studio album, 2017's conceptual masterstroke ‘The Optimist’, which revealed some of the darkest, most challenging music they ever put their name to, as well as a series of live albums and compilations.

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