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Southbound Under The Bridge Tonight 22/3/19

"Tom Ford’s vocals on ‘First Time Love’ proved what a charismatic frontman he is – again ably backed up with solos from Carter plus what could only be described as an ‘All Along The Watchtower’ moment from Stout. Very cool. The guys rounded off their set – as they did at The Horn in December with 'Lonely Blues', 'Rock Bottom' and the rockin' 'The Desert' - with Tom kindly thanking the WRC for their deserved award. No ‘Lover Boy Blues', no 'Book On A Shelf' nor 'Georgia Peach' but just thankful that this was not their farewell gig!" That was our take the last time we reviewed 2015 WRC 'One's To Watch' award winners Southbound supporting Shooter at Putney's Half Moon in March 2016 and the guys are back in London tonight playing just down the road at Under The Bridge with Henrik Freischlader (pictured) and The Connor Selby Band (Video Of The Day).

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