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'Songs From The Pit' EP Review 28/3/23

"If music was packaged like food, this would be the equivalent of a tempting looking half baguette so crammed with delicious looking filling that the contents tumble out of the side. Sometimes of course you find that there’s not much content inside. Happily, this cracking little three song EP is full of Melodic Rock, leaving the listener more than pleasantly satisfied." We saw Half Moon Panic supporting Laurence Jones in Sevenoaks at the end of January, and not only are we looking forward again to seeing our fellow wrinklies supporting Chantel McGregor at the aptly named Half Moon in Putney tomorrow night, but early last month they released their latest EP, 'The Pit Sessions', and today, not only do we have Simon Green's considered take on the new release, but also check out our brilliant Video Of The Day of the EP opener, 'Sacrifice'.


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