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Somewhere There's A Plan 3/5/22

Having spent the start of his career playing in bands and collaborating with other artists, supporting the likes of Indie Rock icons such as The Killers and Placebo, British singer-songwriter Maddox Jones uses his past experience to evolve his musical change of direction with his new Alt-Pop 12-track debut album, 'Believe It', released last month on Radikal Records, of which his stripped back special live version of one of the singles, 'Somewhere There’s a Plan (Believe It)', recorded at Plastic Tree Studios, with long time collaborator, Dave Crawford, is today's Video Of The Day. Bursting with vibrant colour, the album not only blends summery synth-washed Pop with raw, stripped back, honest tracks, showcasing his singer-songwriter abilities, but at the same time is also uplifting and hopeful, where Jones delves into themes of becoming himself, falling in love as well as overcoming and battling with addiction.


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