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Something Wicked This Way Came 19/3/20

Marking forty years since the emergence of the infamous masked drummer 'Thunderstick', who became the iconic figure for the then burgeoning 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal' movement, his eponymously-named band will tomorrow release their first ever official live album 'Something Wicked This Way Came - Live in France'. Best known for his time with Samson and an early Iron Maiden, Barry Graham Purkis (AKA Thunderstick) has recruited vocalist - Raven Blackwing, guitarists Vinny Konrad and Lee Quenby, plus bass guitarist Rex Thunderbolt - who have once again brought back the Thunderstick magic to a series of festival dates and live gigs. Indeed, now signed to Roulette Records, an eagerly-anticipated follow-up studio album is currently being recorded and is scheduled for release this July.

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