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Something To Believe 21/9/20

All too relevant for those of us struggling through the pandemic and adjusting to lockdown, President Street made a triumphant return in June with today's Track Of The Day, ‘Something to Believe’, which tells the inspirational tale of overcoming adversity and pain, and looking towards a future where you can rely unwaveringly on yourself. Born from Pete Moses’ discovery of his passion for music production, in partnership with vocalist and songwriter Ruby, ‘Something to Believe’ begins with Ruby’s characteristically honey-sweet vocal in an acapella introduction which immediately sets the tone and introduces the hook of the song. The production is slick, as it kickstarts the rest of the song, with trip-hop inspired rhythms which support and solidify the intimate and personal delivery of Ruby’s lyrics. The result is that of a wholly confident artist, with a song that screams triumphant independence from every aspect of its assured and assertive sound.


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