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Sold Out Colt48 At Hope & Anchor Tonight 15/3/19

"The music is mainly Nu-Metal and Heavy Rock with powerful riffs, but with good melodies and it wasn’t long before the crowd were singing along. Not only are they headlining and selling out a major London venue, but are beginning to build a loyal fan base, and this could be the sign that Colt48 are on the way up." That was part of our take on Colt48's Borderline gig almost a year ago to the day, and the guys (Video Of The Day) return to London for a super intimate sold out show tonight at Islington's Hope & Anchor to celebrate the release of their new EP 'Negatives'. And not only is there great support from Stand Alone, Black Orchid Empire and an acoustic set from Jon Grayson, but every ticket sold gets an exclusive physical copy of the EP!


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