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Snake Oil & Harmony UK Tour Kicks Off Tonite 12/3/20

Snake Oil & Harmony released their debut album, ‘Hurricane Riders’, at the end of last month, and to coincide with its release, both Danny Vaughn (lead vocalist of Tyketto) and Dan Reed (frontman of Funk Rockers Dan Reed Network) will be taking the brand-new album out on the road, kicking off with London's Half Moon in Putney tonight, along with their respective solo material, plus classic Dan Reed Network and Tyketto songs on the bill. Indeed, we were lucky enough to chat to Danny Vaughn in London earlier this week and that interview in which we discuss Tyketto, Waysted, his acclaimed solo album 'Myths, Legends & Lies' plus of course how Snake Oil & Harmony came to be, is today's Track Of The Day.

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