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Skunk Anansie 25LIVE@25 27/10/18

To celebrate 25 years of unparalleled influence, the iconic Skunk Anansie have announced the release of a new live album, '25LIVE@25', showcasing their incomparable live presence over a career-spanning collection, to be released next year on Friday 25th January via Republic Of Music. Featuring recordings of the band’s incendiary live sets over the years, and sequenced as one unique concert set by Jeremy Wheatley, a long-time collaborator with the band, '25LIVE@25' is both a celebration of Skunk’s unmatchable career and their importance as a musical and cultural force. Their exhilarating live shows are a hurricane of energy, noise and personality, an exhortation to become part of something much bigger that’s impossible to resist. Along with the announcement, the band have shared a brand new video for their 1996 hit single ‘Weak’ - today's Track Of The Day. In theme with the album, it features a collage of live footage from various stadiums, arenas, festivals and clubs they have performed at during their remarkable career, capturing the extraordinary spirit of Skunk Anansie’s live shows.

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