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Skids 100 Club Photo Gallery 21/3/23

Ahead of the release this June of their new album, 'Destination Dusseldorf', The Skids combination of anthemic choruses and uncompromising full-on guitar lines, including 'Charles', 'The Saints Are Coming', 'Yankee Dollar', 'Masquerade', 'TV Stars', and even a cover of The Clash's 'Complete Control', saw their hallmark sound fill London's iconic 100 Club last Friday and Saturday night, and not only do we have Les Linyard's brilliant Photo Gallery today from the first night, but also check out today's Video Of The Day from the second night, the classic 'Into The Valley'. Released on the Last Night From Glasgow label, the new album title hints at a connection with the much loved album 'Days in Europa', and features new songs written by Richard Jobson, Bruce Watson, Jamie Watson, Martin Metcalfe and Hugh Cornwell.

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