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Skid Row Forum Gig Review 31/1/19

"In true 80's Rock style, the boys exit the stage only to reappear for not one but two encores. It's a bargain night that keeps on giving. 'We Are The Damned' leads into school boy favourite 'Get The Fuck Out'. The last of my pharynx fucked off. 'Mudkicker' and 'In A Darkened Room' lead to the obvious closer 'Youth Gone Wild'. What a song. Don't know about the youth, but we went wild alright. 30 years in the business? How the hell did they last playing at that level? Practice makes perfect I suppose. Hopefully i will be back in shape with a new set of pipes before their set at Download later this year."

Read the whole of Mother's Skid Row + Backyard Babies + H.E.A.T. + Vega + Killit O2 Forum, Kentish Town, London, gig review from last Saturday here plus check out our Video Of The Day.

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