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Simulation Game Six 3/9/20

Voodoo Six are set to release their new studio album, 'Simulation Game', on Friday 16th October, and their first single from the album, 'Gone Forever', released last month, is today's Video Of The Day. It's the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2016 album 'Make Way For The King', and now boasting the talent of new vocalist and frontman Nik Taylor-Stoakes, the critical consensus is that they’ve raised themselves to another level with this release. The band are ready to make their music resonate across the pond as well as in the UK, Europe and beyond, specialising in delivering driving, contemporary Rock with an undercurrent of Blues and cut through with killer riffs. Tom Gentry (Gun, Marco Mendoza) also joins the band on guitar, which brings an added dynamic to the six-string assault.


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