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Should Have Been There 9/9/19

"Well not to be outdone JFK Blue (as they are sometimes known) were also launching their debut album 'Rough Round The Edges'. A London/Surrey five piece - they could also boast some pedigree as we virtually stood next to keyboard player Paul Blount who has worked with Jeff Beck, drummer Sol Ezra (ex-Talk Talk) who stood on one our feet when he dismounted the stage, ex-Blockheads bass guitarist Les Victor, lead guitarist Iago Banet and vocalist/guitarist Chris Elliott. Needless to say we were treated to some great Blues Rock with a twist of a Jazz and a touch of Gypsy influence - stand out songs from the new album for mine being 'Shadowlands' and very appropriately 'Having A Real Good Time'." That was our take on JFK Blue supporting Erja Lyytinen at London's 100 Club in April 2017 (pictured), and their tweet yesterday challenging us "isn’t it time you played this little opus guys ?" has resulted in today's awesome Track Of The Day - 'Should Have Been There'.


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