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Shadow Of King John 31/7/19

Danny Vaughn is recognised worldwide for his melodic, powerful and emotional vocals, and today's Video Of The Day is his latest single, 'Shadow of King John', taken from his latest solo album: his first in eleven years. It's the solo album this talented singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller always wanted to make and 'Myths, Legends and Lies', released via Townsend Music last month, is a 14-track album that turned out to be an epic quest in its making and rare treasure at its release. To lovers of Rock, Danny is best-known for his involvement with Waysted (1985-1987) and famed for his flourishing voice-work with Melodic Rockers Tyketto. Now, this To coincide with the album's release, Danny will also be undertaking a new UK tour including London's Black Heart in Camden on Thursday 22nd August.


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