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Shades Of Gray 17/1/20

"Following on, and now playing to a full house are Myke Gray. For those unfamiliar, the namesake guitarist was an integral part of nineties rockers Skin. His current incarnation is a vehicle for the Joe Satriani lookalike to play like a Joe Satriani soundalike. For this festival however, the instrumentalist has had the inspired idea of recruiting Kim Jennett, from Voodoo Blood, for vocals. What a powerful little powerhouse she is." That was part of our take on HRH 2018 and not only do Myke Gray and Kim Jennett embark on a UK tour next month, including London's The Underworld on Sunday 23rd February, but the song-writer and guitarist from Jagged Edge, Skin, Red White & Blues has recently unveiled his new project Shades of Gray, including today's Video Of The Day 'I Get Up'.

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