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Serious Black 5/2/20

German-American band Serious Black is back with a bang with their highly anticipated fourth studio killer album 'Suite 226' released at the end of last month, which has stirred the Power Metal community's blood. After three successful predecessors and more than 120 shows worldwide, they used their well-deserved time-out to design new concepts, to work on fresh material and, by the way, to build their own studio! Unlike their previous 'Mirrorworld' and 'Magic' releases, which are much more Hard Rock, 'Suite 226' features more driving guitars, catchy hooks and finest riffing, similar to their other album, 'As Daylight Breaks'. Following their third album, 'Magic', a concept album about the story of mysterious Mr. Nightmist, a witch and a lot of magic, 'Suite 226' also tells a complete narrative of a mentally confused man who is torn between his own dreamworld, reality and evil.


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