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See Evil Firecracker 30/11/21

The first of a three EP collection, Bang Bang Firecracker's 'See Evil', released in July, defies categorisation, although not only delivering the barrage of riffage we've come to expect from their stellar guitar work, but also reflecting the band's unflinchingly heavy progression, of which they recently released today's much anticipated Video Of The Day for the opening track, 'Unleash The Devil'. Indeed, the seven-minute monster track, showcases a darker tonality, and its magnitudecommanded an epic video with an intense narrative, reflecting the band's ambitions to continually setthe bar higher.You can also see Bang Bang Firecracker wrap up the year with two live performances at Chesterfield's The County Music Bar, this Friday 3rd December, plus the following Friday 10th at Leicester'sThe Metal Monocle.


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