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Schytehawkes Interview 9/12/20

On today's Track Of The Day, The Schytehawkes joined The Zach Moonshine Show to play and talk about the new 'Streets Of Rage' EP, to take take questions from the live audience and to talk about all things Schytehawkes, namely crotch-less thongs, beers, fights and puking in the pit and much much more! There's also new music from Diamond Head, Ellefson, Scour, Autopsy, Nails, Pounder, SxWxP, Lucifer, Project Alcazar featuring Chris Steberl, Cynik Scald, Cadaver, Battle Of The Bands winners Sick Society, Evangelist, Temple, En Minor, Serpents Oath, Satanize (Portugal), Prezir, Volur, Within The Ruins, NAR, The Deviant, Cemetery Dwell, Hellz, Manu Armata, Hulder, Extirpation, Horncrowned, Dormanth, Haunted Cenotaph, Edoma and Eternal Evil!


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