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Savoy Brown/Stan Webb UTB Review 16/4/19

"For the encore we got the mammoth and staggering 'Savoy Brown Boogie' from the 1969 'A Step Further' album. The band got to stretch out on this one, with Simmonds just flying with inventive soloing. A full force boogie explosion! The smile on Simmonds face showed us that this man was in his element, and we were too! At the conclusion of this rave-up, the crowd showed their appreciation by enthusiastically clapping and cheering for more. Simmonds took his guitar off and came to the front of the stage to shake hands with the front row before exiting the stage for a well-earned rest. Unfortunately the popular Savoy Brown live staples 'Hellbound Train' and 'Tell Mama' was not played at this gig. Despite these omissions, the set list was strong, well balanced and interesting. Overall, it was an absolutely fantastic evening of electric blues. A good time was had by all!"

Read the whole of Steven C. Gilbert's Savoy Brown + Stan Webb's Chicken Shack Under The Bridge, London, gig review from last Friday night here.


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