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Saturday Gigs 18/1/20

To contribute towards the recording, production and distribution of their debut album, Brave Rival have begun their own kickstarter campaign 2020, and tonight they are at the Echo Hotel Music Club in Hook, where they will be playing their current rep, plus some brand new material that's never been heard before, plus they will also be recording the entire show, with the aim to create a live album! Also today, The Dove and Boweevil Band hit the Blues At Barleylands stage at 2pm, at Barleylands Social Club, Barleylands Road, Billericay CM11 2UF, whilst Camden Rocks Festival Presents an all-day Rock-n-Roll bonanza featuring Slater + Alex Bayly + The Graft + Entt + Fink Tree + Apollo Junction + The New Nostalgia + Midnight Shoppers + The Dark Light - all live at The Monarch between 1pm and 8.30pm.

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