Same Old Shit ... Different Day 30/3/16

"Therefore, it was with a mix of personal emotion that we roared when Puddle Of Mudd opened ironically with 'Drift & Die' - Scantlin now being the only 'original' as he grimaced with his delivery and appeared to hold on to his microphone stand for dear life. Despite concern for Wes' well-being - the crowd were of course ecstatic - the POM roster now completed with guitarist Matt Fuller (ex-Bow Wow Wow), drummer Dave Moreno and bassist Michael John Adams - who were for the time being bit-parts as the audience were transfixed on Scantlin as they launched into - would you believe it - 'Psycho'. The evening had become a bit like a boxing match - the crowd willing Wes on after every round and it has the desired effect as they moved on to 'Control' (don't you love the apt song titles) which as usual was entwined with Sabbath's 'War Pigs' which Wes appeared to relish. Scantlin was sort of on a roll now as he dedicated 'Nothing Left To Lose' to his old sparring partner Fred Durst - enough for us to relax for a bit and appreciate Fuller's riff on this classic from 'Life On Display'."

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