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Samantha Fish Wins Best International 11/1/23

"Things were hotting up as Samantha removed her jacket, before adding "Come on y'all", requesting everyone to clap along to Sarah's pounding intro on 'Forever Together', another from 'Faster'. Next it was back to 2015's 'Wild Heart' and 'Highway's Holding Me Now', with Fish rockin' back and forth on another stand out solo, that immediately segued in to 'Faster's' (slower and) aptly named 'Hypnotic', as Samantha's instruction to "Shake it", was willingly obeyed as sassy Fish beguiled the audience with her mesmeric guitar and vocal." That was part of our take on Samantha Fish's 'Faster' 2022 tour at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire in October (pictured/Video Of The Day), and consequently the genre-bending guitarist, singer and songwriter has been voted Best International performance in our 2022 WRC Awards.


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